We are a Seattle-based organization dedicated to raising the bar in kink education. Our team of expert instructors are committed to giving you the skills you need to safely and confidently get into mischief while having fun along the way. All of our classes feature a low student to instructor ratio and are supported by extensive handouts that ensure you’ll remember everything you learn.

Upcoming Classes

In addition to our regular monthly class series with the FSPC, we regularly teach at local and regional kink events.

Bondage for Immobilization

As well as being a great addition to other kinds of play, bondage is a lot of fun in its own right. This class focuses on techniques for strict, immobilizing bondage.

Kinky Sunday: Tie Me Beautifully

Full Circle Kink teaches a monthly introductory bondage class at Club Sapphire’s Kinky Sunday party. This month’s class focuses on decorative bondage you can wear to the play party.

Bondage for Beauty

Learn to tie beautiful wearable bondage suitable for any kinky occasion! This class covers corsets, gauntlets, full body harnesses, decorative knots, and much more.

Bondage for Beginners

Interested in bondage, but not sure where to start? Our introductory class will teach you basic kink principles and techniques as well as a set of versatile skills that will let you get up to all kinds of mischief.