Bondage for Pain

Rope bondage is a wonderfully versatile tool that works well for all kinds of play styles. Although we normally try to make our bondage as comfortable as possible, this class will look at ways to deliberately and safely create bondage that is uncomfortable or even painful. Good pain bondage should be safe and precise: it should deliver exactly the right amount of sensation without causing damage. We’ve chosen a set of techniques that work well with almost any body type and which can be easily adjusted to whatever intensity level you’re looking for.

In addition to using rope to cause pain directly, we’ll look at stress positions that create discomfort by holding the body in challenging poses. Finally, we’ll look at predicament bondage: creating a situation where your partner has to pick between two different kinds of discomfort. Predicament bondage can be particularly fun, and is often a favorite with smart, bratty bottoms. If you’re a top, we’ll show you some great techniques that will help you put your partner in their place and keep them there. And for bottoms, we have some handy tips to keep those pesky tops from putting you in your place.

To make sure you stay safe, we’ll talk about the anatomy of pain play and how to tell the difference between safe pain and dangerous pain. We’ll also cover some great techniques for processing pain and moving in rope to improve your ability to handle and enjoy challenging ties.

No matter whether you’re a heavy sadomasochist looking to add rope to your repertoire or just want to experiment with some light sensation play, this class will give you the tools you’re looking for.

Important details

This is an intermediate level class. You should be familiar with basic kink concepts and know how to tie a single column tie.

Please bring your own rope to this class. We recommend at least two 10-15' lengths and one 20-30' length.

You can attend on your own, but it’s more fun if you bring a partner.


Saturday, November 3

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM at Gallery Erato