Bondage Intensive

This brand-new weekend intensive is an in-depth version of all the material in our five beginner and intermediate classes. It’s perfect if you’re new to bondage and want to jump in at the deep end, or if you’re already tying but want to deepen your skills. By the end of the weekend, you will have a broad set of intermediate bondage skills and have a good start on the path to mastery. Here’s a quick look at what we’ll cover:

Bondage for beginners. This class starts at the very beginning, with fundamental principles of consent, BDSM, communication, and aftercare. We’ll talk about how to figure out what kind of kink experience you and your partner are looking for, and how to use bondage techniques to make it happen. Along the way, we’ll take a deep look at the single and double column ties as well as some of our favorite positions.

Bondage for sex. Bondage and sex go great together. In this section, we’ll take a look at the many different kinds of sex, and talk about what bondage positions do and don’t work for them. Topics include developing intimacy with your partner, using rope with strap ons and vibrators, and the futomomo or frog legs position.

Bondage for pain. Bondage should be comfortable, except when you want it to be painful. We’ll take a deep look at three different ways to combine bondage with pain play: making rope painful, using bondage to force someone into an uncomfortable position, and how to creating predicaments with rope. We’ll also look at the ebi position and take an in-depth look at anatomy and safety.

Bondage for immobilization. Immobilizing your partner safely is harder than it sounds. This section takes a look at some basic anatomy and physics that you can use to your advantage and explores some specific knots that are great for restrictive bondage. We’ll also talk about using furniture and other anchor points to tie your partner down and explore the many variations of the hogtie.

Bondage for beauty. Bondage can be beautiful as well as functional. This section will look at decorative body harnesses, how to use the diamond (hishi) pattern, and how to add decorative knots to your bondage. We’ll also look at ways to use color and symmetry (or asymmetry) to decorate your partner and explore some traditional decorative styles.

We’ve taken advantage of the weekend format to rearrange the content of these classes: because we have full control over the order in which all the material is presented, we’re able to go deeper and provide a more comprehensive exploration of all the material.

Like all Full Circle classes, this class features excellent handouts that cover all of the material covered in class as well as a low student : instructor ratio that ensures you plenty of individual attention and hands-on practice time.

Important details

This introductory class has no prerequisites.

If you have your own rope, you should bring it with you. If you don’t, we have practice rope that you can use during class. We’ll cover what to consider when shopping for rope and will have samples of different types of rope for you to try out.


We don’t currently have any Bondage Intensive classes scheduled. Keep an eye on our main page or our FetLife group for future announcements.