Teaching Kink Part One

Become the instructor you wish you’d had
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Class Details

3 hours

Designed for both new and experienced instructors, the Teaching Kink series will help you level up as an instructor. We’ve all experienced the difference between outstanding and mediocre instructors. But how do you become the kind of instructor you aspire to being?

Teaching is like any other skill: it can be taught, and it improves with practice. This class will give you practical skills that you can immediately use to improve your classes. We’ll talk about how to craft a teaching persona that will help your students learn, and take a deep dive into how to craft an effective introduction and how to use stories to enhance learning.

We’ll also talk about the ethics of teaching kink and work on a developing a code of conduct.

Practical details
This class involves a small amount of presenting in front of the class. Please come prepared with a rehearsed 1 -3 minute story that you might use in one of your classes.


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