Our Values

Full Circle Kink is committed to changing kink culture through world-class education.

As an idealistic organization we set high standards for ourselves, knowing full well that we will sometimes fall short of our ideals.

We are collaborative

We work collaboratively with each other and with other educators and kink organizations. We play a positive sum game and believe that our goals are best achieved by helping others to succeed. We focus on teamwork and seek to create an alternative to the ego-driven celebrity culture that sometimes dominates kink education.

We teach as an act of community service and do not seek to profit from our work. We seek to learn from others, and to help others learn from us. We support and mentor other instructors and freely share our material with others.

We are inclusive

We strive to be inclusive of all people who share our values. We welcome instructors and students regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, body type, disability or other attributes, and we have no tolerance for bigotry of any kind.

We actively seek to develop an instructor team that reflects the diversity of our community and that gives a strong voice to bottoms as well as tops. We believe there are many right ways to do kink and welcome practitioners of many different styles.

We are professionals

We strive to create and teach best-of-breed classes, with a focus on technical excellence and superior pedagogy. We work hard and follow through on our commitments.

We are data-driven and choose pragmatism over dogma. We are driven by a voracious curiosity and believe in continuous refinement and iterative improvement.

We are ethical

We act in good faith and are honest and transparent in all our dealings. We are relentless about excellent consent and safety practices. When we fail to live up to our own standards, we take responsibility for what went wrong and work hard to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

We are compassionate

We strive to act with empathy and kindness at all times. We handle difficult situations with grace.


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