What Next?

Continuing your bondage journey

So you’ve taken your first bondage class and you’re hungry for more? Fantastic.

If you don’t already have rope and a cutting tool, it’s time to go shopping. And if you do already have some, it’s probably only a matter of time before you decide you need more.

Take more classes

In-person classes are a great way to improve your rope skills and connect with the local rope community. Seattle is fortunate to have some great rope instructors, but how do you find them? Check out Rope in Seattle.

If you’re looking for classes, we’d love to see you at some of ours. After Bondage for Beginners, our core series has three classes that can be taken in any order. If you’re getting serious about bondage, you should also learn more about nerve safety.

If you prefer to learn online, many of our classes are free online (and the rest are coming soon).

We also highly recommend Shibari Study. It’s by far the best site for paid bondage instruction.

Find your community

Seattle has a thriving rope community (actually, we have several). If you want to make friends, develop your skills, and perhaps find people to play with, you should check out a rope lab or practice session. And if you want to get your kink on, show off in public, and see other people doing hot rope, a play party is just the thing for you. Find some events.

If you’re looking for online community, FetLife is like Facebook for kinky people. Like Facebook, it has plenty of issues, but it’s a great way to find your people and learn about what’s going on in your community and globally.

If you’re a rope bottom, the Rope Bottoms Share Group is a great resource for connecting with other bottoms and vetting potential rope tops.

Connect with us

We love bondage and we love helping people begin their bondage journey. We’d love to chat if you have questions, want to offer us feedback, or need help. Get in touch

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