Don’t Use Defamation Suits

The first version of this class proposed a set of guidelines for using defamation lawsuits in an ethical manner. Based on further experience, we no longer believe that’s possible. Instead, we believe the best path forward is for the kink world to agree to completely relinquish the use of defamation lawsuits and to sanction individuals who use them.

We acknowledge that there are rare cases when it’s ethical to use a defamation lawsuit. The harm caused by defamation suits, however, is enormous. In addition to the direct harm caused to people who get sued, these suits have a chilling effect on the entire kink world.

It isn’t possible to create an enforceable community norm that rejects defamation lawsuits except in rare cases when good people really need to use them. As a community, we must choose to continue living with the harm caused by defamation suits, or else reject them entirely. We believe we’re all better off if we reject them entirely.


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