Kneeling Position

A closeup of a person’s hands tied behind their back as they kneel in a white bodysuit.

We love the kneeling position: it’s easy to tie and works well for all kinds of mischief. Like all our favorite positions, it’s tremendously versatile:

  • If your arms aren’t comfortable in the antiparallel position, put them in front or use a bar tie to reduce the strain on the shoulders.
  • Feeling like penetrative sex? Use the same ties, but bend over a couch or bed.
  • Don’t like kneeling on the floor? Sit on a chair instead.

Step by step

A person in a white bodysuit kneeling. Their hands are clasped behind their neck.

1Have your partner kneel. Maybe take a moment to act all domly, if you have that kind of dynamic.

A rear view of a person whose hands have been tied behind their back with a single column tie. The forearms are horizontal to the ground and pointing in opposite directions, so the left hand touches the right elbow and vice versa.

2Bring the arms together in an antiparallel position behind the back and tie them together with a single column tie.

Tying the arms in a crossed position can cause the rope to scissor and tighten when the arms shift.

A rear view of a person kneeling.

OPTION2aIf the antiparallel position isn’t comfortable for you, you can separate the arms with a bar tie.

Alternatively, you can tie the arms in front of the body.

A closeup of the feet of a kneeling person. The ankles are tied together with a single column tie.

3Tie the ankles together with a single column tie.

Many people have trouble with their ankles grinding together: frapping can help by creating some padding between the ankles.

Ideas and variations

What now?

Your partner is all tied up—it’s time to do some naughty things to them. Depending on what the two of you have negotiated, you could try:

Dominance and submission

Rope is a powerful tool for creating a feeling of helplessness and submission.

Hair pulling is a great way to enhance d/s play.


The kneeling position is great for both oral and penetrative sex. Consider bending your partner over a bed or couch.


Kneeling is a natural position for spanking, especially with your partner bent over.

Buying time

The kneeling position is a great way to “park” your partner for a minute while you prepare for the next activity.

Dialing up the intensity

A person kneeling with their hands tied behind their back. A single column tie has been tied around their legs, binding the thighs and calves together. A green rope has been wrapped twice around their head. One wrap goes through the mouth and serves as a gag, and one wrap goes over the eyes and serves as a blindfold.

Putting a giant column tie around the thighs and calves makes the position stricter. Frapping it will help keep the tie from sliding off.

Gags and blindfolds are good ways to add intensity.

Instead of tying your partner’s hands behind their back, consider tying them behind their head.


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