Ladder Rung

A single column tie around a leg, connected to two ladder rungs that form crosses on the top of the leg.

The ladder rung is a component of many other ties as well as being useful in its own right. We use it all the time for anchoring rope to a body part or adding extra wraps to a tie to make it snugger and more confining.

Be aware, however, that the ladder rung is prone to cinching if you pull on the rope leading into or out of it. It’s a great tie, but it’s not appropriate for situations where the rope is likely to be pulled in either direction.

Step by step

A blue rope has been tied around a thigh in a single column tie with a single wrap. The rope is pulled up the thigh, toward the body.

1Tie a single column tie around your leg, just above the knee. Make it fairly snug so it doesn’t slide up your leg.

A blue rope has been tied around a thigh in a single column tie with a single wrap. The rope comes toward the body for three inches, then turns to the right and goes clockwise around the thigh. The rigger’s right index finger hooks under the rope at the turn, keeping it at 90 degrees.

2Run the rope up your leg and bend it to the right, making an L shape. Hold the L with one finger and wrap the rope clockwise around your leg.

The rope goes all the way around the thigh, crosses under itself at the 90 degree turn, then goes over itself and turns toward the body. The rope now makes a plus shape.

3Go behind and then over the L, making a plus shape.

Another ladder rung has been added by making an L shape, going clockwise all the way around the leg and then going under and then over the L shape to make a plus shape. The leg now has a single column near the knee and two plus-shaped ladder rungs moving up the thigh.

OPTION4aIf you like, you can keep moving up your leg and make another ladder rung.

The rope exits the plus shape to the left, goes under the left arm of the plus, and then through itself, making a half hitch.

OPTION4bIf you’re done, tie a half hitch to secure the rope. You can stop here, or take the rope in any direction you like.

Don’t pull on the rope that runs lengthwise along your leg, as that will constrict the ladder rung.

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