No More Secrets

Abusers are only able to teach and hold leadership positions within the kink world by hiding their history from students, producers, and venues. The most powerful thing we can do to stop them is to shine a light into those dark corners.

A simple step toward doing that is for producers, venues, and even students to do a better job of vetting instructors. This set of questions is designed to do exactly that. It’s short and simple, with objective questions that don’t involve a judgment call.

This list is far from comprehensive, but in our experience it will flag many of the educators with the most egregious consent histories.

Note that “yes” answers are not disqualifying, but rather serve to identify information that needs to be publicly disclosed and conversations that need to happen.

Please describe in detail every time you:

  1. Were convicted of any non-consensual sexual crime.
  2. Were convicted of any crime against an intimate partner.
  3. Were the subject of a restraining order.
  4. Were required to surrender your firearms.
  5. Were formally sanctioned by any organization.
  6. Refused to participate in an accountability process.
  7. Filed or threatened to file a defamation lawsuit.
  8. Used or threatened to use a lawsuit or other legal device to prevent anyone from sharing information about you.

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