One Rope Exercise

A great way to practice fundamental tying and bottoming skills.
The words CORE SKILLS in large capital letters.

The one rope exercise is deceptively simple: have your partner hold the bight of your rope, then wrap the rope around them and unwrap it.

It’s a popular exercise, however, because it’s such a good way to practice your fundamental skills. One of the best riggers we know practices this exercise for five hours a week—that might be excessive, but it’s one of the best ways we know to improve your tying.

One Rope Exercise

Exercises for tops

Work on your fundamentals:

  • Rope handling
  • Tension control
  • Pacing
  • Building intimacy

Can you tie while blindfolded?
Does a blindfold improve your tying?

Exercises for bottoms

Practice active bottoming:

  • Actively co-create intimacy
  • Respond to your partner’s actions
  • Solicit the things you like
  • Give feedback (When? How?)

How does a blindfold change the sensation of being tied?


This is an infinitely adaptable exercise:

  • Try standing vs sitting
  • Put a single column on the wrists
  • Extend your rope and keep going
  • Use the spiral wrapping technique
  • Roll your partner around
  • Unwrap partway and then re-wrap

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