Overhand Loop

An overhand loop knot tied in blue rope. The rope enters from the left and is tied into a compact knot with a loop extending out to the right.

The overhand loop is a great utility knot for casual work. It’s unreliable, however, and should never be used for any safety-critical application.

Step by step

A single blue rope enters from the top. In the center of the frame, an eight inch long bight has been pulled out to the right. The remainder of the rope exits at the bottom.

1Make a bight in the rope.

The bight has been pulled into a counter-clockwise circle, crossing under itself.

2Pass the bight under itself, making a twist.

The bight has been pulled up and to the right, crossing over and then under itself. It now makes a half hitch.

3Bring the bight down through the twist, making an overhand knot.

The half hitch has been pulled snug. There is a compact half hitch tied in doubled rope, with a four inch loop of rope extending out to the right.

4Pull the knot snug.

Notes for nerds

References and naming

This knot is ABOK # 1046


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