Super Munter Hitch

A single strand of blue rope is tied around a one inch gray vertical pole with a super Munter hitch. Three strands of rope go around the pole, and two strands go around the standing part. A two inch tail emerges from the knot.

The super Munter hitch is essentially two stacked Munter hitches. You can use it anywhere you’d use a Munter hitch but want additional friction.

Step by step

A one inch gray pole crosses the frame vertically. A blue rope enters from the left and crosses over the pole, then crosses under it, slightly lower in the frame. It crosses over the standing part, moving up the frame. Next, it crosses under the pole, then back over it, moving up the frame the whole time.

1Tie a munter hitch around the pole.

The working end crosses under the standing part, moving down in the image.

2Cross under the standing part.

The working end goes over the pole, around it, and comes back out under it, facing to the left. There are now two adjacent lines crossing the standing part: a line from step one that goes over the standing part, and a line from step two that goes under it.

3Go over and around the pole.

Notice that the super Munter is essentially just one Munter hitch on top of another.

The working end makes a half hitch around the standing part by going over the standing part, under the standing part, and over itself.

OPTION4aFinish with a half hitch around the standing part.

On its own, this isn’t secure enough to tie off a critical vertical line.

The working end makes a slipped half hitch around the standing part. It goes over the standing part and then forms a bight that goes under the standing part and over the working end.

OPTION4bIf you like, you can tie a slipped half hitch instead.

This obviously also isn’t enough to tie off a critical vertical line on its own.

Notes for nerds

References and naming

This knot doesn’t appear in ABOK.

The super Munter hitch is a super Munter friction / zigzag knot (ABOK 1195) with an additional turn.

Riggers commonly use the name super Munter to refer to both super Munter frictions and super Munter hitches.


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