Washing Rope

How often you wash your rope depends on your personal preference, your risk profile, and how often you play with different partners. If you have multiple partners, giving each partner their own dedicated crotch rope is a good idea, regardless of how often you wash your rope.

It’s easiest to wash your rope in the washing machine. Put it in a lingerie bag or pillowcase to keep it from getting tangled.

Hang your rope to dry: the clothes dryer may damage it and fibers coming off the rope can create a fire hazard.

An aluminum rod crossed the frame horizontally. Various lengths of blue and green rope have been hung over the rod to dry.

Synthetic rope is usually color-fast and is ready to use as soon as it’s dry. It’s our favorite for crotch ropes and gags.

Hemp rope washes well, although colored hemp will fade with each wash. It can rot if stored damp, so make sure to dry it completely. Once it’s dry it will feel rough and scratchy: you can restore it to its original supple condition by rubbing a tiny amount of mineral oil into it

Jute rope doesn’t wash well and we recommend you not wash it.


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