All our instructors adhere to the Kink Education Code of Conduct.


Nick (he/him) has been topping rope since 2015 and teaching rope since 2018. He loves creative suspensions, intense floor ties, and nerding out about rope techniques. When not teaching with Full Circle Kink he enjoys poker, rock climbing, and teaching private rope lessons. He can be found on Instagram @Tie_Rope_Take_Photo and Fetlife @Provocations.


Scout is a switchy Seattle kinkster who has been in the queer ropes scene for many years. He currently teaches with Full Circle Kink and is a lead for Suspended Animation, a theme camp who does rope suspension at Burning Man. He loves helping others explore rope bondage and learn new skills.


Dr. Smarty(no)pants (she/they) has been playing with rope since stumbling across Suspended Animation at Burning Man in 2013. Smarty has been teaching bondage since 2014 and loves introducing new people to kink in a welcoming, friendly, and non-judgmental way. She uses a clear, straightforward, and accessible teaching style to help all body types and people feel comfortable in rope. As a physician and epidemiologist in the default world, Smarty brings a strong technical and scientific approach to understanding bondage and kink. In an ideal world, she’d never wear pants.


MeanLilMischief is a Seattle-based kinkster that thrives on building community and derives joy from the complexities of human connection and how it changes through suffering. She established herself at the formerly known WetSpot in 2006; enthusiastically volunteering for many sex positive organizations and making friends to last a lifetime.

Some of her greatest joys come from pushing the boundaries of pain and pleasure. She is known for her playful nature, creative needle play, dynamic rope as well as captivating scenes where she enjoys exploring the edges. She has coached and guided kinksters privately and at times spontaneously for over a decade to help enable more shenanigans . Her patient and direct approach to teaching is summarized in her motto “Practice Makes Progress.”


As well as teaching with Full Circle Kink, Tornus serves on the steering committee of NARIX (the North American Rope Innovation eXchange) and runs Meerkat Agenda, a group dedicated to helping kink communities live up to their full potential. His past projects include co-founding Suspended Animation and helping write the Kink Education Code of Conduct.

When he has free time, Tornus participates in the rationalist community and cooks overly ambitious dinners. He doesn’t have much free time because he is very bad at saying no to new projects.


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