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June Class Update


Our classes continue to sell out well in advance, so we recommend buying your tickets early. Here’s what we have on the calendar for summer:

Saturday, July 6: Bondage for Pain at Gallery Erato
Saturday, August 10: (SOLD OUT) Bondage for Beginners at Gallery Erato
Saturday, September 14: Bondage for Immobilization at Gallery Erato
Saturday, October 12: Bondage for Sex at Gallery Erato

We’re pleased to see that virus levels remain low, so we’re making masking optional for our July 6 Bondage for Pain class.

New Covid Policies


We’re updating our Covid policies to reflect the changing nature of the pandemic. The new policies will go into effect with our 10/14 Bondage for Beginners class. As always, our policies are based on the latest science and have been reviewed by our staff epidemiologist.

We require proof of a covid vaccine within the last 2 years. If you need a medical exemption to this policy, please contact us at least 3 days before class.

Masks are optional at most classes but may be required when covid levels are high. We finalize the masking policy for each class 4 weeks beforehand: if you buy tickets for a class before the covid policy has been finalized, please understand that masks may or may not be required.

At classes where masks are required, our instructors wear face masks at all times except when presenting to the class.

Fall Class Schedule


In conjunction with our good friends at the Pan Eros Foundation, we’re pleased to announce our fall class lineup. Whether you’re new to bondage or got a little rusty during the pandemic, our Core Bondage Series will give you a complete set of bondage skills as well as a solid grounding in fundamental kink skills.

Looking for something more advanced? Stand by—we’ll be announcing additional classes in the early fall.

Saturday, August 27: Bondage for Sex at Gallery Erato
Saturday, September 10: Bondage for Immobilization at Gallery Erato
Saturday, October 29: Bondage for Beginners at Gallery Erato
Sunday, November 27: Bondage for Pain at Gallery Erato
Saturday, December 3: Bondage for Sex at Gallery Erato

Bondage for Beginners on Saturday 5/21


Want to get started with rope bondage, or looking to refresh your skills? You should join Full Circle Kink for our popular Bondage for Beginners class on Saturday 5/21 at SubSpace. Grab your tickets now!

This highly polished class will give you a strong set of versatile bondage techniques as well as essential kink skills. You’ll leave class with a clear understanding of how to use kink and bondage to connect with your partner, and a good foundation for further kink exploration. We center consent and safety in all our classes, so you can begin your kink journey with confidence.

There are lots of bondage classes in the world—here are a few reasons we think you should start with this one:

World-class handouts. Our handouts help you learn the material in class, and remember it after class. Our handouts are free: check out the printable PDF or learn at home with the web version.

Individual attention. All of our classes are taught by four fully-qualified instructors, so you’ll get tons of individual attention to make sure you master all the material.

Carefully tuned curriculum. The material in this class has been carefully tuned to give you everything you need to start your kink journey, without overloading you with unnecessary details. And if you decide to go further with bondage, you’ll be ready for our four intermediate classes: Bondage for Sex, Immobilization, Pain, and Beauty.

We’re excited to be back to teaching our favorite class in person, and hope you’ll join us.

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New classes


We’re excited to announce in-person classes at our favorite venues.

Gallery Erato

We have three classes at Gallery Erato, for folks in Seattle:

We’re back!


After a long hiatus, we’re back to teaching.

We’re currently finalizing class dates with our favorite venues and look forward to seeing you all in person very soon.

Our covid policies were created by our staff physician/epidemiologist and reflect our commitment to inclusion and informed consent.


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