We are a Seattle-based organization dedicated to raising the bar in kink education. Our team of expert instructors are committed to giving you the skills you need to safely and confidently get into mischief while having fun along the way. All of our classes feature a low student to instructor ratio and are supported by extensive handouts that ensure you’ll remember everything you learn.

As professional kink educators, we adhere to the Kink Education Code of Conduct.

Upcoming Classes

In addition to our regular monthly class series with the Pan Eros Foundation, we regularly teach at local and regional kink events.

Bondage for Sex

Combining sex with bondage is one of our favorite things. This class will teach you bondage that immobilizes your partner while leaving them exposed and accessible.

Bondage for Beginners

Interested in bondage, but not sure where to start? Our introductory class will teach you basic kink principles and techniques as well as a set of versatile skills that will let you get up to all kinds of mischief.

Knots for Bondage

Covering everything from the most basic tie offs through technical rigging, this class covers every knot you might ever need to use for bondage.

Nerves and Bondage

This class will give you the knowledge and skills you need to minimize your risk of causing or experiencing nerve damage. We'll present basic anatomy as well as specific techniques for bottoms as well as riggers.

Technical Rigging

This class takes a deep look at the physics and engineering behind rigging in the field. We’ll talk about basic principles, useful gear, and key techniques.

Bondage for Pain

Rope doesn’t have to be comfortable! This class covers safe and versatile techniques that can deliver anything from mild discomfort to intense pain, as well as predicament and stress positions.

Bondage for Immobilization

As well as being a great addition to other kinds of play, bondage is a lot of fun in its own right. This class focuses on techniques for strict, immobilizing bondage.